Rite Aid

We all know I love Rite Aid..Here is a quick guide to the store

I would suggest printing the Rite Aid Coupon Policy before shopping, in case you have a problem you can show the policy to the cashier! go here.. Rite Aid Coupon Policy


+UP Rewards Program

Take advantage of the+Up Rewards Program. The +UP Reward program is a program that allows manufacturers to provide a +UP Reward to you for buying a specific product or a certain number of products. You can find which items are part of the +up reward each week from the weekly ad.  An +UP Reward is a coupon  that print at the bottom of your receipt and can be used on your NEXT purchase.  You can use it like cash, and you can roll +UPs to purchase something else that will generate another +UP reward!


You can stack coupons as well at Rite Aid. They also have  Video Values Program.You can watch a video on the website and either receive credits or coupons that are Rite Aid store coupons that can be used with a manufacturer coupons!  These credits can then be used to print Rite Aid coupons!



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