My Goal!!! Blogher 2012

So I was pretty bummed that I didnt know that Blogher 2011 was in San Diego this past weekend, since I only live 3 hours away. But when I heard Blogher 2012 was going to be in NYC, I told my husband that sounded like a great trip. We would be able to take the kids (my husband and kids havent been to NYC before, but mind you my kids are still really young) and be able to learn more about blogging and meet new people. So I decided to do something that I have seen over at She puts away money each week into an account to fund the annual disney world trip they take.

I thought what a great idea. I would love to get sponsors and review different products and things that I love. But I need to plan on not having any sponsors and paying my own way. So I figure if I start now, and start putting away-change I find laying around, money from the husbands work clothes (you can make a fortune with that!!!, any rebates, gift cards, etc. I could probably be set to go.

So next week I will break down what I put away this week!!!


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